Keyper by default creates an LDAP database for the company Example Inc. and the domain You can change the defaults by specifying company, domain, and password as environment variables.

By default LDAP database is created with the following structure:

. dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org
|-- cn=Manager,dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org
|-- ou=people,dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org
|   |-- cn=admin,ou=people,dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org
|-- ou=hosts,dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org
|-- ou=groups,dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org
|   |-- cn=KeyperAdmins,ou=groups,dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org
|   |-- cn=AllHosts,ou=groups,dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org
  • cn=Manager,dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org is the superuser of LDAP directory.

  • All the users are created under ou=people,dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org

  • User cn=admin,ou=people,dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org gets created by default on start of the system.

  • All hosts gets created under ou=hosts,dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org

  • All groups gets created under ou=groups,dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org

  • cn=KeyperAdmins,ou=groups,dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org and cn=AllHosts,ou=groups,dc=keyper,dc=example,dc=org gets created by default.